Horizon 2020 Bid Writing

Horizon 2020 is an organisation that offers to fund existing projects. It consists of two main divisions; the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument that focuses on small to medium enterprises and the Horizon 2020 Main Scheme which works with projects consisting of organisations with consortiums from at least three partners from EU member states. The bid writers for Horizon 2020 work with information provided by the client to develop applications for grants.During this process they offer the following services:

Planning and outlining roles

The bid writers collect information from the client on roles of the parties included, the timeframes during which the proposed projects requiring funding are to be carried out and combine this data professionally to create a proper plan to be put in the application forms for Horizon 2020.

Assembling all documentation and literature

The writer also collects all documentation required. They compare the documents against a checklist to ensure all requirements of a Horizon 2020 application for funding are met. They then organise these documents in the relevant formats and order.

Outlining main objectives and technical work plan

From the documents and data collected on the documents and planning stage. The writer then comes up with an outline for the main objectives, what should be delivered upon completion of the project and the technical plans outlining the processes involved in the realisation of the project as well as utilisation of funds.

Writing non-technical aspects to support client work program

The bid writer then creates a document with the clients’ non-technical aspects that complement the technical work program.

Reviewing and improving the proposal

They then review the client’s proposal and smooth out the kinks. This ensures greater success of the proposal by streamlining literature against set standards of proposal writing as well as making it align with the criteria used by Horizon 2020 to evaluate proposals.

Completion of administration and submission forms

The writer then fills or takes the client through the final steps of filling administration forms that accompany the application and submission of these documents (administration forms and the application) to Horizon 2020.

We are among the organisations that offer grant bid writing with Horizon 2020. Our aid comes in several ways, such as developing application based on data provided by the client. We also offer services in organising budgets, distribution and exploitation planning, project management as well as writing sections on impacts. These services improve the proposal drafts all through the application process to create a final proposal that is most likely to secure funding.

By extension, we take it a step further by including project management after provision of funding. Besides aiding in the application process, we offer services to ensure that the proper and smooth working of the consortia. In addition to this, we advise on sustainable public funding such as Horizon 2020. Our services also include a guide in the conception, composition and overseeing of project proposals with inclusion of help with identifying partners to form a consortium with. In general, we offer grant proposal services right from the conception to implementation