Innovate UK Bid Writing

Innovate UK is an organisation that provides funding of between twenty-five thousand to ten million Euros to people with innovative ideas. They accomplish this through competitions. For one to secure funding, it is mandatory that you write a bid to enter the competition, upon which you qualify to take part and inherently win. Therefore, you may write the bid yourself or secure the services of a bid writer. The services offered by bid writers are inclusive of other perks as illustrated in this article.Bid writers act as an intermediary between the person with the idea or business and Innovate UK. They often offer the following services:

Assess your idea

Once the services of a bid writer are secured, they take you through a workshop session to better understand your project, its technical problems, solutions, commercial prospects, market aspects, the team and financial estimates. After which, they employ assessment techniques to determine the relevance of the project. They look at its technical, financial details and commercial aspects and give you feedback on the chances of success.

Write the grant application

After understanding the project and assessment, they research further on the project and create a bid on your behalf for approval.

Prepare a financial plan

If the previous step is agreed upon, they then prepare a financial plan based on the data collected from research.

Submit the grant application

Finally, they handle the creation of accounts for submission and submit the proposal on your behalf. Once they receive feedback from Innovate UK, they inform you of the success or failure of the bid.

Reviewing and improving the proposal

They then review the client’s proposal and smooth out the kinks. This ensures greater success of the proposal by streamlining literature against set standards of proposal writing as well as making it align with the criteria used by Horizon 2020 to evaluate proposals.

Advice and assist in compliance of conditions of the grant

If the proposal is accepted and the grant provided. You are taken through another workshop session to familiarise with the terms of the grant and how to comply. They also maintain contact to monitor compliance and offer aid when there is difficulty in implementation of terms.

Bid writers act as an intermediary between the person with the idea or business and Innovate UK. They often offer the following services:

However, it is important to know the top bid writers who work with bids to Innovate UK such as Myriad Associates whose services include assessment of chances of success, grant writing, preparation of a financial plan, writing, submission and provision of feedback on the grant.

Another bid writer is TBAT based in the East Midlands. They offer some services about bid writing such as end-to-end bid writing, workshops and consultancy to aid in the collection of data needed for the application, market research to fill gaps on applications, review of the application before submission and review of previous failed attempts and offer necessary changes.

Auxillium offers a range of bid writing services. They have ties to Innovate UK as a result of previous engagements. They offer support through the application process by evaluating the idea, data provided and provide advice on how to enhance your application.

Alternatively, one may hire a freelance bid writer via the internet. This kind of writer may offer customised services based on their expertise and at more affordable costs. However, most of the time the services do not include direct handling of the final part, submission. Hence you may be required to handle the online or physical processes of submission of the application.