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Our extensive global network can help expand your project consortium and pool of potential business partners. RedKnight has collaborated with a variety of organisations; both large and small, private and public. To date, we have worked with over 100 organisations around the world! Our clients include the British Council, Medicine Discovery Catapult, Bournemouth University, Rolls Royce, Cardiff & University Health Board and Compound Semiconductor Centre.

Many funding programmes require collaboration between a specific number of organisations. For example, Eureka Eurostars requires projects to include at least two entities, from at least two Eurostars countries. In the research and innovation funding ecosystem, any company, research organisation or non-governmental organisation can be a partner if they prove themselves financially viable and qualified to perform the tasks specified in the project proposal.

RedKnight’s extensive experience and track-record in international collaboration means we have built solid relationships in both business and academia and facilitated transnational business-business and business-academia innovation partnerships, supporting the creation of numerous project consortia.

RedKnight can help you in the search for a suitable project partner who meets the legal criteria required and has specific expertise that complements your own. With this aim, RedKnight will provide you access to our network of contacts extending to different sectors of activity alongside the guidance in building strong consortiums and fruitful business partnerships.

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