Pitch Deck Preparation

Build a compelling investor pitch deck.

You have an idea, you want to develop a new product or service and you are looking to secure funding to move forwards. RedKnight understands how challenging and difficult the road ahead is for you! We therefore offer support and expertise with drafting a successful proposal, and both crafting and delivering a pitch-perfect presentation to win over investors.Whether you are looking to secure public funding or private investment, you will need a compelling investor pitch deck tailored to your stakeholders: the target audience, a public funding agency, and prospective angel or venture capital investors.

The investor pitch deck represents a crucial element in securing funding and your development. RedKnight will provide our expertise in identifying, evidencing, and adding value to the following key points:
  • the problem/challenge;
  • the solution;
  • the need/market opportunity;
  • your product, your company (team, resources, track record, early traction);
  • the targeted market (customers and competitors);
  • your business model/plan and financials (financial projections, funding needs, exit strategy).
 It is vital that you address these key points thoroughly to generate interest from investors.

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