A new Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) has launched to provide an innovative solution to enable fleets to switch to battery electric trucks. It is funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Innovate UK. This is phase 1 of a potential 2-phase competition. Phase 1 projects must include data evaluation, test and demonstration involving a minimum of ten battery electric trucks. If phase 2 goes ahead, projects will involve further field testing and evaluation.


The competition aims to develop one or more innovative, interactive solutions to support the uptake of battery electric trucks. This should encompass both public and private sector fleet operations.

Your proposal must:

  • Identify the costs and considerations around deploying commercially available zero emission trucks
  • Demonstrate a credible and practical route to market
  • Include a plan to commercialise your result and demonstrate how your solution will provide value

Your solution must:

  • Ensure users understand both the strengths and weaknesses of deploying commercially available battery electric zero emission trucks
  • Help users to 1) gain an understanding of the economic and practical feasibility of the technology and 2) de-risk, aid and encourage fleet operators to convert to battery electric vehicles
  • Provide relevant information to help users make a range of decisions, for example, what to expect in terms of vehicle use and system performance to options for vehicle charging

In total, £10 million is available through this competition with the Department for Transport expecting to fund up to 3 projects. Phase 1 projects can last up to 10 months. Organisations of any size can lead a project and work alone or with subcontractors. You must also be able to provide or obtain access to suitable battery electric trucks to meet the real-time logistics demands of a UK public sector fleet operator. Finally, you should obtain and submit a letter of support from a UK public sector fleet operator

This competition is open between 22nd March and 21st April. If you’d like to discuss an application with one of our advisers, please get in touch. You may also be interested in Innovate UK’s Zero Emission Road Freight competition.