Staff Development Training

Our courses. Tailored and targeted.

RedKnight’s staff development training courses are suitable for individuals within organisations of all types, sizes, and sectors. Our courses would best suit individuals involved in bid writing, proposal development, or research and innovation strategy development. This includes those who have a discrete bid writing, fundraising, or project management role. However, it is also suitable for anyone who undertakes these activities as part of a portfolio of other duties.

What we offer

Our courses are suitable for businesses in all sectors, from agriculture through to astronomy, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. The main areas of an organisation which might be interested are as follows:
  • Research and Development Services
  • Technology and Knowledge Transfer
  • Business Development
  • Budget and Finance
 Examples of the training we have recently delivered include:
  • SME Instrument Masterclass
  • Fast track to Innovation Masterclass
  • Bid-Writing & Proposal Development
  • Research & innovation Management
  • Small Business Funding Opportunities

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