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Since launching in September 2015, RedKnight has secured over £4.78 million of funding to support our clients’ innovative products, processes and services, of which over £2 million have been awarded to Welsh companies. Helping Wales based companies grow is RedKnight's core mission, but that does not mean we don't work further afield. Since day one, we have set a global reach that has allowed us to work with over 100companies around the world.

Here is a selection of some of our most recent successes. Please hover over projects to view more.



Fast Track to Innovation


The BreathSpec project aims to develop a rapid, non-invasive device that can diagnose bacterial or viral infections through ultra-high sensitivity breath analysis. Once developed the BreathSpec device will help reduce the development of anti-bacterial resistance and alleviate the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through improved diagnosis of antibiotic treatment. The device will also reduce the scientific, clinical and financial challenges associated with the development of new antibiotics.



Innovate UK


The CADDNOR project aims to develop a point of care (POC) diagnostics and carbohydrate-based therapeutics, focused on the detection of Norovirus. The developed assay uses glyconanoparticle technology with potential for replacing molecular technologies and immunodiagnostics – a major shift in analytical approach. The use of carbohydrates instead of antibodies as the recognition mechanism has several advantages including their production using industrial scale, cost-effective chemoenzymatic synthesis which addressed the call topic.



Horizon 2020


Funded through the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, TALK aims to guide multi-professional clinical teams learning and improve the quality of patient care and safety. Consisting of 5 partners across 3 countries, TALK will research the benefits of structured debriefing, communication and organisational culture. Using this data, further training materials will be developed and translated to support the wider deployment of the tool, which will be widely disseminated and implemented across and beyond all participating partners.



Innovate UK


TeloNostiX’s disruptive technology can predict the outcome of common cancer types, e.g. CLL, and identify patients who do and do not require early treatment; a precision hitherto impossible to achieve. This project aims to achieve two objectives (i) Demonstrate the technical feasibility of telomere testing in the routine clinical management of CLL patients (ii) Create a financial justification for NHS adoption by undertaking health economics modelling. The aim of such training was to empower local researchers and research administrators with the right tools to succeed in: -Proposal Writing -Research Administration -Outocme Dissemination