Project Evaluation & Review

Our experience at your service.

One of the many things that make RedKnight a unique company is the fact that we can boast about having our own in house expert reviewers and evaluators, whose experience was made within the very own funding organisations. Thus, when it comes down to writing your project, you can be sure our team will always do it with the utmost care and attention; providing that extra detail you need to succeed.
All the more so, having an expert reviewer at your side can make the difference even if you already have written your project. Proofreading a proposal is not just the "final touch" that gets rid of typos and misspelling; it is a vey essential part of the bid writing process, that makes the difference between rejection and approval.

As a mater of fact, a good proofreading should not only look at the spell checking, but it must also take into consideration the various nuances of English language. Depending on the context many words have completely different meanings and, on top of that, different situations require different registers and different dictations: for instance, a proposal written in a strong academic jargon might be perfect for a scholarship, but it might not be accepted for funding. In funding, then, reviewing your proposal becomes even more important, as you need to take into deep consideration hat the funding body wants to see in the text, as well as the way they are going to evaluate it.

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