Grant Bid Writing

A grant is non-repayable funding to an organisation to realise a predetermined outcome. Due to the non-repayable nature of a grant, it requires a convincing and properly written bid to acquire. Herein, comes the bid writers. The nature of grant bid writers may vary from freelance consultants to large organisations. However, in both cases bid writers specialise in the art of data collection, organisation, and implementation in the form of a bid. Certain principles guide grant bid writers. Thus they offer services in line with the client’s wishes as well as in the format required by the one offering funds.Good grant bid writers abide by the following rules:

Customization to client

A bid writer should understand the client’s needs and what they engage. This requires the writer to be well versed in research to uncover and embody the needs of the client fully. It is an added advantage to have formal education in the area the client deals in as it makes it easy to understand the technical terms used in the bid.

Proper command of language

The grant bid writer should be able to express the data provided by the client in the language required. They should observe proper grammar and syntax of the language in question. A bid that is written in poor grammar or with numerous mistakes is likely to put the client at a disadvantage. Proper language skills exude professionalism and thus pits the odds in favor of the applicant.

Clarity of message

Grant bids are official documents. Therefore, the language used should be clear and devoid of ambiguity. The grant writer should ensure that the recipient easily understands the message intended by the client.

Convincing to the recipient

Besides good command of language regarding grammar, the bid should convey the client’s abilities. It is important that the writer does proper research beyond the information provided by the client to convey all the abilities of the concerned client about the project in question. A writer should also ensure none of the required information is omitted in the bid to win over the recipient fully.

Engage the recipient

Official documents are often dull. However, proper skill in a language will enable the grant bid writer to engage the recipient by providing the required information accurately and delivering what is required.

Keeping the message concise

It is important to have an outline to ensure the bid is brief and remains in the realms of relevant information. Thus, the grant bid writer should be familiar with the audience regarding formats and other requirements.

Following the above rules, bid writers ensure that both the client and the recipient are satisfied in that, the recipient can easily and fully evaluate the client through the bid and the client can secure funding for their project. This is the harmony a grant bid writer should achieve when putting together a grant bid.