Innovate UK has announced a new competition to demonstrate the use of green hydrogen in transport. The competition is funded by the Department for Transport as part of the UK Government’s ambition to build a fully operational hydrogen transport hub by 2025.

Up to £2.5 million is available for demonstrations of hydrogen-powered vehicles in real-world operational settings across Tees Valley. The competition aims to further the UK’s understanding of how hydrogen can support the long-term development of the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub (HTH), subsequently driving demand to decarbonise the transport system.


Firstly, all projects should have total eligible costs between £200k and £1 million. They should start by 1st September 2021 and end by 31st March 2022. To lead a project, your organisation must be registered in the UK and work in collaboration. Lastly, you should carry out all project work and exploit your results from or in the UK.


All applicants must use a hydrogen vehicle or vessel in an operational setting to replace, complement or add to existing transport fleets or operations. While projects can operate vehicles partly outside the Tees Valley, they must maintain their main logistical connection with the area.

In more detail, all projects must:

  • demonstrate a green zero-emission hydrogen transport solution by 31 March 2022 for 3 months
  • operate the demonstration in an open public setting or controlled environments, such as warehouses and distribution centres
  • offer a method to track their solution against performance indicators against a baseline comparator to understand benefits or challenges and then deploy this solution as part of the demonstration
  • report on the benefits for passengers, customers and residents in the Tees Valley
  • develop plans for long-term activities to create a demand for hydrogen in the Tees Valley from 2022

As part of your project, you should also:

  • undertake desk-based research into future engagement with the hub after 31 March 2022
  • show how the activity proposed for 2021 to 2022 will support the hub’s longer-term ambitions
  • outline how post-2022 activity will transition into a commercially viable ongoing hydrogen-fuelled transport activity or a larger trial on the ground encompassing hydrogen production and its wider use beyond transport.
  • explore the policy landscape associated with the deployment of a specific hydrogen vehicle or vessel to help inform wider policy discussions
More Information

For more information, including the competition’s full scope and eligibility criteria, click here. Alternatively, please contact us if you’d like to discuss an application with one of our advisers.

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