When you’re applying for grant funding, you have just one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, it is essential that you set time aside after drafting your proposal to proofread your answers. This is when you will refine your writing – for example, by correcting spelling and punctuation errors, identifying unclear passages of text, and improving sentence structure. Here are our top proofreading tips to ensure your application is clear and error-free:

  • Take a break

Give yourself time away from the application before you start the proofreading process. This will allow you to approach it refreshed, increasing the likelihood that you will pick up on any mistakes.

  • Check your writing passes the ‘so what?’ test

Break the proposal down into individual sentences and ask, “so what?” This will help you to check that every sentence is clear, relevant and adds value to your proposal, therefore ensuring you use the word count to its full potential.

  • Use proofreading tricks

For example, some people choose to read the text aloud, whereas others read their work backwards (from the last sentence to the first). Ultimately, there are many ways to proofread a proposal, and it’s a case of finding what works best for you.

  • Ask a colleague to read through the application

Ideally, this should be somebody who has had limited involvement in writing the proposal, as their distance will allow for a fresh perspective. Their role will be to check that the argument makes sense and spot any remaining mistakes.

  • Consider hiring a professional

If you’re too close to the proposal, short on time or simply not confident writing in English, a professional proofreader will be able to help. RedKnight can proofread grant applications for many innovation funding streams, including Eureka Eurostars, Horizon Europe and Innovate UK. Please click here if you’d like more information on our proofreading service or contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Did you find the proofreading tips listed in this blog helpful? If you have a tip of your own, share it with us in the comments section below.