Innovate UK KNI is looking for leaders from across a range of sectors to partner with who can mentor and guide the UK’s most pioneering women in innovation to accelerate the business ambitions of the next Women in Innovation Award Winners. 

Applications are welcome from a wide spectrum of people from all backgrounds and genders who have strategic business perspective, industry knowledge, and provide professional expertise. This role will complement the assistance offered by Innovate UK Edge’s Innovation & Growth Specialists, who will assist the award winners with business coaching and networking.  

KTN and Innovate UK partner to build a strong network of female role models who share knowledge and support the growth of female entrepreneurs across the country through the Women in Innovation programme. 

You will gain as a mentor from:  
  • Participation in a dynamic, welcoming, diverse, inclusive and avant-garde community. 
  • An opportunity to advance your career by participating in UK innovation at the forefront and helping outstanding female innovators along the way. 
  • Media and engagement opportunities to boost your profile. 
  • Recognition of your involvement on social media. 
The abilities that the community will value: 
  • Experience with start-ups and business expansion. 
  • Managing investor partnerships and attracting investment. 
  • Establishing or managing company boards or managing teams within the organization. 
  • Marketing, branding and engagement. 
As a mentor, we will need you to: 
  • Make a commitment to collaborating with one of the 2022–23 Women in Innovation Award winners (for 12 months from April 2023). 
  • Attend a one-hour online session on the function of a mentor and how you may help a mentee on their journey. 
  • Plan regular appointments with your mentee, ideally once a month (online or in-person). 
  • Attend spontaneous networking events with the complete group of award winners (where possible). 

 More Information: 

The applications are open until 19th December 2022. For more information and registration, please visit Innovate UK KTN 

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