Apply for software enabled quantum computation funds to develop the theoretical capabilities required to construct superior quantum computing architectures. This investment will form part of EPSRC’s contribution to the National Quantum Technologies Programme. 

The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) and EPSRC are looking to finance projects that will enhance the necessary improvements in theory, benchmarking, error correction, and algorithms. The following areas of research are encouraged:  

  •  algorithms independent of hardware.
  • creation of error-correcting codes that conserve resources while addressing various types of errors.
  • creation of data embedding techniques to speed up problem resolution.
  • building knowledge of the classes of potential system vulnerabilities and including quantum-enabled components for assurance and to “bake security in”
  • development of theoretical knowledge to address unanswered issues in quantum computing.
  • the creation of techniques for rewriting or reworking quantum algorithms to lower hardware requirements.
  • create quantum computing verification and assurance techniques.

Who can apply for research grants:  

  • UK higher education institutions. 
  • research council institutes. 
  • independent research organisations with UKRI approval qualified public sector researc. 
  • institutions qualified research and technology organisations. 
  • NHS organisations with research capabilities. 

 More Information: 

The applications are open until 1st February 2023. For more information and registration, please check here.

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