Up to £6 million will be invested in innovative projects by Innovate UK, a division of UK Research and Innovation. These will focus on robotics and automation innovation for advanced manufacturing processes to boost productivity, sustainability, and resilience. 

The objective of this competition is to create and present deployable robotics and automation solutions that are industrially ready and can be used in a factory production area. 


Your proposal must: 

  • deliver a novel use of robotics or automation, or an innovative digital development. 
  • overcome a technical challenge in a factory producing area’s manufacturing operations 


Your project must: 

  • have total costs between £200,000 and £4 million 
  • not exceed the maximum grant limit of 50% of your total costs 
  • start by 1 October 2023 
  • end by 31 December 2024 
  • last between 9 months and 15 months
  • involve at least one factory
  • include both manufacturing and digital technology capabilities in your consortium
  • be applicable to at least one manufacturing sector
  • carry out all of its project work in the UK
  • intend to exploit the results from or in the UK 


Funding type: Grant 

Project size: Your project’s total costs must be between £200,000 and £4 million. 

Competition opens: Thursday 19 January 2023 

Competition closes: Wednesday 5 April 2023 11:00am

More Information:  

The applications are open until Wednesday 1 March 2023 11:00am. For more information and registration, please check here. 

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