New release of EU Funding & Tenders Portal launched

The European Commission (EC) recently announced the launch of the latest iteration of the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, marking a significant milestone in its journey to enhance user experience. Drawing on the invaluable feedback from a diverse community of over 1.5 million users, which includes EU funding applicants, beneficiaries, tenderers, and experts, the EC has worked to implement improvements that cater to user needs and preferences.

This new release introduces a range of enhancements aimed at providing users with a more intuitive and immersive experience. Among the notable updates are refreshed interfaces across the Portal, with the homepage now prominently showcasing the EC's core services and functionalities. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, the funding page search engine has been revamped to deliver more precise and relevant results, ensuring users can easily discover funding opportunities that align with their interests and objectives.

For logged-in users, the EC has introduced affinity-based recommendations of 'calls for proposals,' tailored to their specific profile and preferences. This personalised approach ensures that users never miss out on relevant opportunities that could take their project forward. Additionally, to further streamline navigation, the EC has integrated a global search feature at the top right corner of the Portal, allowing users to quickly access the information with ease.

The EC’s commitment to continuous improvement means it is constantly striving to enhance user experience on the EU Funding & Tenders Portal. To provide a comprehensive overview of all the latest updates and novelties, interested stakeholders are invited to watch a 3 minute informative video, which highlights the key enhancements and previews what's to come in the future.