Case Study

Project Title: A Next-Generation Platform for Novel Drug Discovery Using Deep Learning of ADMET Properties. Acronym: DeepADMET Call: Innovate UK Health & Life Sciences Start Date: 01/09/2018 Duration: 24 months Grant Amount: £819,988 Our Role: Bid Writing

DeepADMET aims to create a "next generation" platform providing novel methods for compound selection and design for drug discovery purposes, building on Optibrium's current software, StarDropTM.  Through expanding the range of ADMET properties that can be modelled and improving their reliability by applying modern 'deep learning' methods, Optibrium can improve the accuracy and applicability of these models. Proof-of-concept work indicates their methods provide a unique advantage over 'off-the-shelf' deep learning methods when applied to sparse, uncertain data of the type found in drug discovery.

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