Energy Catalyst Round 8: Clean Energy Access

Solar panels - a clean energy source - pictured in a field with blue sky above. Organisations can apply for a share of up to £20 million to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions for clean, affordable, and secure energy access in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, or South East Asia. The competition aims to support highly innovative, market-focused energy solutions in any technology or sector.

Your project must encourage the development of products and services that help one or more of the specified countries to access secure, low cost, and low carbon energy. Projects must be targeted at people, public services, and local enterprises who are unable to afford or access existing solutions, or who lack the time or expertise to successfully use those solutions.

This competition has three strands, which are dependent on the stage your project is at:

  1. Early-stage for feasibility studies (this strand)
  2. Mid-stage for industrial research
  3. Late-stage for experimental development

The Energy Catalyst Programme is open to any energy technology from any sector. However, to be in scope for round 8 your project must address the following 3 subjects: energy access, the energy 'trilemma', and gender and social inclusion. For example, your project could focus on:

  • making new solutions more affordable.
  • integrating technologies in new systems or business models to help unlock finance and deployment.
  • developing technologies or partnership business models that address other barriers to deployment.
  • unlocking under-served market segments that existing solutions are not reaching at scale.

This competition closes on 16th September 2020. For further details on eligibility, scope, and how to apply, please visit the competition page.

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