March 1st 2019 will represent a memorable date in our BreathSpec project timeline, as the project was invited at the Breathomiocs2019 event, that took place at the Pendulum Hotel in Manchester.
The event, organised by the Breathomics research Group of the University of Manchester and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Analytical Division, gathered interdisciplinary and transnational engineers, chemists and physics from as far as Canada, to present and discuss over novel methodologies in the analysis of chemical compounds from exhaled breath as a rapid and non-invasive technique towards disease detection and pollutant monitoring.
During the one-day event, important sampling, analytical, and data processing strategies to enhance the capability of breath analysis in the clinical and commercial environments have been showcased. Among these, our BreathSpec project received a lot of attention, as many approached our booth to ask more information about the functionalities of the device and the role of the European funding within the project.

The BreathSpec Booth at the Breathomics2019.

The response was enthusiastic and many were surprised by the efforts the project is making in completing the clinical study, which is currently undergoing. As the project coordinator, Dr. Emma Brodrick (Imspex Diagnostics) stated, “It is unbelievable how much attention the project got during the event! Of course, we [the BreathSpec Consortium] decided to attend the Breathomics expecting some interest in what we are doing across the UK, but the interest around the results of the patient recruitment and the specificity of the machine was beyond any expectation!”.

If you wish to know more about this EU funded project – under the H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Programme – visit and follow the project on Twitter (@BreathSpec)