What is the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)?

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The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is a cross-government organisation, set up in 2016. The organisation “finds and funds exploitable innovation to support UK defence and security quickly and effectively, and support UK prosperity.”

Open Call for Innovation

DASA runs a regular open funding competition to find proposals that address challenges in defence and security. Ideas should be either a concept, technology, or service; if your proposal is a product, then you should instead speak to the Defence Suppliers Service.

There are two main categories within DASA’s Open Call for Innovation:

1. Emerging Innovations

  • Firstly, this category is for less mature innovations. Typical projects will deliver a proof of concept at around TRL 3 or 4. Read our introduction to TRLs to determine where your project sits on this scale.
  • There is no funding limit, however, DASA typically expects to award between £50k and £100k for projects that last between 3 and 10 months.
  • Additionally, click here for examples of projects that DASA has funded.

2) Rapid Impact

  • In contrast to 'Emerging Innovations', this strand is for more developed innovations. In more detail, eligible proposals will deliver a technology model or prototype demonstration at around TRL 6 or 7.
  • Rapid impact proposals must have a realistic prospect of achieving an impact within a 3-year time frame.
  • There should also be a strong customer requirement and capability need for the idea.
  • DASA expects to fund bids between £100k and £300k but there is again no specified funding limit.
Innovation Focus Areas

DASA’s Open Call for Innovation welcomes a wide range of innovative ideas in order to solve problems linked to defence and security. However, there are several key topics of interest, as listed below:

  • Reducing Reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems Quantum Augmented Position, Navigation and Timing Sensing Capability
  • Integrate Information and Physical Activity Across all Domains
  • Delivering Agile Command and Control
  • Operate and Deliver Effects in Contested Domains
  • Defence People – Skills, Knowledge and Experience
  • Stimulating Future Battlespace Complexity

The next deadlines for DASA's Open Call for Innovation are 28th January 2021 and 31st March 2021 respectively. You can find more information, including how to apply, here. Alternatively, please contact us today if you’d like to discuss an innovative idea with one of our expert advisers.

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