Innovate UK launches two new SBRI competitions

Innovate UK has announced two new Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competitions. The first competition aims to improve hip fracture outcomes while the second aspires to improve multimorbidity acute care.

The SBRI Programme

The SBRI programme provides innovative solutions to challenges faced by the public sector, in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The scheme is open to all organisations that can demonstrate a route to market for their solution. However, it is best suited to SMEs.

SBRI: Improving Multimorbidity Acute Care Using Data Analytics, phase 1

Phase 1 will open from 4th January to 3rd March 2021. In this competition, organisations can apply for a share of £160,000 to develop a data-driven solution that improves the care and outcomes for A&E patients with multimorbidity. The solution must:

  • Identify multimorbidity patients
  • Provide individual risk stratification through real-time data visualisation
  • Provide decision support following an emergency admission.

Phase 1 projects can have total costs of up to £10,000, inclusive of VAT. They should start by 5th May 2021 and last up to 3 months. Contracts will only be awarded to single legal entities, but subcontractors are allowed. A decision to proceed with Phase 2 will depend on outcomes from Phase 1. For more information on eligibility and scope, and details on how to apply, visit Innovate UK.

SBRI: Improving Hip Fracture Outcomes Using Data, phase 1

Phase 1 will open from 1st February 2021 to 31st March 2021. In this phase, organisations can apply for a share of £160,000 to develop a solution that will improve the quality of care and outcomes for hip fracture patients. The solution should use routinely collected health data and data analytics techniques.

Phase 1 projects can have total costs of up to £15,000 and projects should last for up to 3 months. Funding is only available for single legal entities however the competition does allow subcontractors. Again, this is Phase 1 of a potential 2-phase competition; a decision to proceed with Phase 2 will depend on the outcomes from this phase. You can find more information here.

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Innovative medical imaging camera project led by Thermetrix awarded over €578k from Eureka-Eurostars

RedKnight is delighted to have supported South Wales based start-up, Thermetrix Ltd, with a successful application to the Eureka Eurostars programme. Since 2017, Thermetrix have designed and manufactured hardware and software for medical devices in personal healthcare. The company, along with two SME partners, Quantificare (France) and SymblCrowd (Germany), will now receive €578, 684 in grant funding to develop its Multi-Modal Medical Mapper (M4).


M4 aims to deliver a prototype of a portable camera that integrates 3D scanning, visual and (thermal) infrared imaging modalities. As the user moves the camera along the human body under investigation, it will capture and display the three representational characteristics in a single 3D representation. During the scanning process, graphical overlays will adaptively guide the user. This will minimise the amount of training required and improve the reliability and repeatability of scans.

The project is disruptive in the digital medical devices sector as there are no existing devices capable of performing all functions at the same time. Therefore, this device opens entirely new possibilities for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, in areas including Diabetic Foot Ulcer treatment, medical aesthetics and wound healing. Importantly, M4 addresses a pressing need for more accurate, reliable devices for wound measurement and management of higher practicality. It will also be usable by all healthcare professionals in various settings and at commoditised price points.


Combined, the global Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Wound Care Management and Medical Aesthetics markets are worth $53.77bn. They pose significant socio-economic challenges to both patients and healthcare systems worldwide. With anticipated high reliability and accuracy, M4 could reduce costs by 13%, saving the EU over $1 billion each year. Crucially, M4 could also save patient lives and improve quality of life for many.

Dr Peter Plassmann, Founder and CEO at Thermetrix said of the success,

“It would have been impossible for us to navigate the complex and time-consuming Eurostars application process on our own. The support from RedKnight was crucial for the success in this highly competitive competition. ”

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